Wreath collection 2021
Fresh and Dried

Bespoke & Handmade For the Season


Always Following Nature in my creativity

Hi I'm Rosie an eco focused botanical artist, all round lover of nature and the creative arts. My wreath collection includes dried and fresh this year - please do get in touch to order or chat over something unique and bespoke for you and your home. I'm looking to create beautiful arrangements and art pieces that allow the beauty in natures own forms.

All my creations focus to have as minimal impact to the planet and to raise awareness of non wastage through using botanicals in new ways after their vase life.

This year I have also added some DIY create your own wreath kits, so you can have fun putting them together yourself.


Fresh Wreath Collection

Wild & Festive fresh moss wreath


Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 10.01.32.png

Fruit & Berries fresh foliage wreath


Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 10.01.53.png

Classic Christmas fresh moss wreath


Fire foliage wreath_edited.png

Dried wreath collection


Winter Warm wreath


Star 2.jpg

Festive Star


small festive hoops

Festive Ribbon hoop


Berry dried wreath.jpeg

Dried berry wreath



Dried wreath collection


Autumn Festive wreath


winter horizon bamboo hoop

Winter Horizon hoop


IMAGE 2021-10-24 20_30_04.jpg

Festive Ribbon hoop



DIY Box Kits - Fresh & Dry

Available to order and delivered 

Have fun creating something yourself - with friends, family and in your own space - add some yummy treats and mulled wine, get cosy and crafty. You will end up with a truly bespoke one off unique wreath.


Bamboo hoop kit


DIY Festive Bamboo Hoop Tutorial - Create your own Asymmetrical wreath kit. 

New series of videos to go with a line of craft your own DIY box sets.

Different colours and botanicals can be available so get in touch if you’d like something particular.




Have fun with my fresh foliage wreath tutorial for DIY kits. 

Sending out from first week in December so get in touch. 

Lots of different variations available - contact me here and can’t wait to see your crafting 

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Adelaide Ave, Brockley, London, UK

07890 671 416

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